An example of sex chat

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An example of sex chat

The cookie from the authentication step is sent along, allowing the server to know who sent the message.Once the client is authenticated it can receive messages posted by others clients (or itself).

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When a message is posted, the server loops over all open Event Source connections (it keeps a reference to each one) and sends the message over the Event Source connection.

A user of the two chat room implementations will not notice any difference in the external behaviour of the system (except for the fact that Event Source and Web Socket may or may not be implemented in all browsers - Chrome supports them both).

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All images, still or moving, showing humans engaging in all forms of sexual activity is not allowed.

Adult content in New Zealand must comply with applicable classification regulations.Both implementations ask the user to authenticate, and then maintains a long-lived push connection where the three different messages can occur: All of these three messages are encoded as simple JSON documents.Here is a comparison between the two approaches: For simplicity, neither app requires a password - the user is only presented with a popup asking for the username.The mechanism for posting is different for each implementation: The transport mechanism is the same as for authentication - a JSON document is sent over the Web Socket: .The transport mechanism is the same as for authentication - a HTTP POST over XMLHttp Request with the chat message in the body.An age verification mechanism to enter the site is required.

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