Datin melayi

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The state titles are given by the governors and sultans of each individual state, and are granted to those who have contributed to their state.The top performers are given a Dato’ Sri (or Dato’ Seri), which serves as the equivalent honour of a Tan Sri, with the wife enjoying Datin Sri ahead of her name.

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Next down is the title seen most often in Malaysia – the Dato’.As the leading Malaysian dating site, we successfully bring together singles from around the world.Thousands of happy men and women have met their soul mates on Malaysian Cupid and have shared their stories with us. For a fun, safe and uniquely Malaysian dating experience join free today.Despite considerable influence from the British during the period before independence, Malaysia retained its complicated titles that are vastly different from that of the British system, and they remain in common use today.While even some local people despair at the confusion and proliferation of titles, there are many who feel this is a strong and important element of the country’s heritage, and titles are still highly prized by those who receive them.This site is currently not available to citizens of all countries in the world.

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Tuanku is used to mean “your highness” (except in Sarawak, where it is a title for some noble families) while Tengku is used to mean prince or princess.

Yang Teramat Mulia is used for the children of the reigning monarch (except in Negeri Sembilan) and Yang Mulia is used for descendants of the royal family. Just to throw a verbal spanner in the works, the king and state rulers like to be addressed with Ke Bawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia which translates as the nifty phrase, “The Dust under the Feet of his Exalted Highness.” This next batch of name starters are given (and can be taken away) by the YDP and the first and most senior of the lot is Tun, which has been used for hundreds of years and is bestowed on a resident who has served Malaysia honourably.

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When a husband gets this title, his wife gets to be Datin (unless she lives in Terengganu, where she becomes a To’ Puan).

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