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If you know exactly where the DLL file is, you can import it easily with Import-Module.If you don't know the exact path, there are many tips available via a Google search with easy solutions such as this one: Although that solves the problem of importing the module into custom scripts, it introduces a new problem that is particularly relevant in light of the security vulnerability mentioned earlier.

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Yes, the preview URL still works as a convenient way to download the module, but the information page on Tech Net was recently updated to remove the note about EXOPS being in preview (apparently it has been out of preview for longer, but the page was only updated recently).Unfortunately one of the older DLL files remained on the system, which leaves the risk that an Import-Module command might be pointed at the older DLL file.Given that I updated after listening to the podcast, which is after the security vulnerability was patched without notice, we can assume that version .000 is the minimum version number that you should be using to be protected from MITM attacks when using EXOPS (as low a probability as that may be for your particular situation).The EXOPS module is available today either by going to the preview URL (which still works, and downloads the installer), or by launching the installer from within the Exchange Online admin center in the Hybrid section.The EXOPS installer connects to a Microsoft URL and downloads the bits to install the module on your local computer.There's a bit of a story in the podcast about the difficulties that the individual who found the bug encountered while trying to get Microsoft Security to acknowledge that it was a legitimate issue.

We all understand MITM risks are a serious problem, no matter how slim the chances of exploit under different scenarios may be.And when the vulnerability is caused by something as fundamental as certificate validation, it should obviously be fixed.Which it eventually was, after Patrick Gray (the Risky Biz podcast host) helped the individual escalate their report through some different channels.The security issue is basically a lack of proper certificate validation that leaves EXOPS vulnerable to man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks.An attacker could hijack an authentication token from the session, which would be valid for up to 10 minutes, and perform administration tasks with all the privileges of the authenticated user.Paul is a co-author of Office 365 for IT Pros and several other books, and is also a Pluralsight author.

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