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THE MARKS Aynsley have changed their marks many times over their 200-plus year history. In the late 1800s (from about 1860) the name AYNSLEY was impressed in the base of some pieces.

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He altered the manufacturing process by using 50% "calcined bone ash" in his porcelain compound, forming 'bone china'.

Aynsley's bone china was very strong, translucent, and exceptionally white.

As a self-confessed china geek, one of the first things I do when I pick up a teacup is turn it over to look underneath.

I do this mainly when out shopping, but I have been known to sneak a quick peek on the underside of a teacup when drinking tea at a cafe, hoping that no-one spots me and wonders what on earth I’m doing!

Most of their pieces are handfinished over a transfer design.

In the 1960s, the Orchard Gold design was introduced, to overcome the cost of the handpainting process.

It was James' son, John Aynsley II who carried the company to heights the original John Aynsley could only have dreamed of.

John II changed the company's focus from pottery to fine bone china.

We’ve been collecting china for a while and are getting to a stage where we can now sometimes identify the make and approximate age of a piece before checking out the back stamp.

One day maybe we’ll be able to identify the majority of the china we buy without looking!

It was at this time that the name "Orchard Gold" was given, to avoid confusion with the earlier handpainted pieces.

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