Updating split level

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Updating split level - Chatrale xxx

I’ll be sharing a DIY video for that guy next weekend!The other major concern in this space was the hand rail. The spacing of spindles was so wide that our kids could sit in between them (stress a mama out! We built this wooden stair rail with materials from Home Depot and wrote a whole post about the process if you’re interested.

Since we see that door so often from our main living area, it’s nice to add some life to it.

) and I really love how the length of it compliments this HIGH space.

We have pendants with Edison bulbs in our kitchen (right at the top of the stairs) so I love that they are featured here too for continuity.

We tend to make everything for our decor just to save on cost but mirrors aren’t exactly makeable- and it’s what this space needed. We had planned on buying the smaller one () but made the impulse decision to get the bigger one and I’m so glad we did.

The floor mat is 100% cotton and doesn’t have a backing.

I am so excited to share our entry way makeover with you guys today! If you’ve ever refinished floors, you know it’s a put you out of house type situation. We sanded those babies down and refinished them you can read all about that right here.

I officially finished it yesterday and couldn’t wait to share it… I can’t believe how big of a difference such a small space makes now that it’s all DONE and functional and beautiful. We also tore off the carpet on the stairs to put wooden stair caps on.

I’ve updated the post with instructions to make it truly floating (it’s amazing FYI).

We carried that same wood tone from the stairs and rails to the other side of the entrance with a wooden shoe mat I made (I am DONE with the rubber ones, you guys, I put those inside the shoe drawers and will never trip over one again) and cube wall planters.

I really love that we chose to do the white spindles with the wood rail and newel post. We wanted to carry the white/ wood theme down onto the entry way so quite a while ago now I’d made a thin floating shelf for keys and coffees.

I made it using L brackets but when we moved it (we switched the way the door opens when we got the new one), we changed how it was installed.

We had planned to make these into shoe shelves but the clutter would have been killer so this year we made them into built in shoe storage drawers. We chose a fibreglass door that has a wood texture (did you know there was such a thing? I know that clear glass is the ‘in’ thing and it’s what they put in new houses… We painted it a light charcoal color called ‘Straight Goods’ from Para Paints and trimmed it out with a modern farmhouse trim. the wall color is custom BUT we found almost an exact match (by happy accident) from Para Paints called ‘Dreaming in the Clouds’.