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She really has a lot of heart but still is kind of a self-centered character.I watched Janizca's short before signing on [and] I was so impressed by the creativity and her way of telling these odd stories but allowing them to have a lot of heart and absurdity at the same time. It was really free and really liberating.[Editor’s note: The song is very real.

But I wanted to ask about Stacy Rukeyser taking over as showrunner and what she brought to the show this coming season. She was really the backbone of the first season and didn't necessarily get the limelight of that.And they’re like, ‘It’s not really attractive.’ And so what I realized… “I think it will be great to add another strong female to the mix, someone to really battle with Quinn [Constance Zimmer] and Rachel,” Appleby previously told ET, adding: “And then put them in an environment with all of these men and see how they react.”MORE: Shiri Appleby Has No Hard Feelings Against Dating Shows Meanwhile, Rachel continues to be a role that’s made a formidable star of Appleby, who was previously known for CW’s ’s debut, she has expanded her career behind the camera, making her directorial debut with a season two episode and landing an overall production deal with A E Studios, the studio behind the Lifetime series.It'll be interesting to see what they create for the fourth season and if they make any commentary on what happened on fodder. It was a fun season, but it had a mixed review in terms of critics and audience reaction. Yeah, we were like, "How are we going to rebound from this?" We got such praise and such support and love out of the first season and the second season didn't live up to the expectations.Well, it was certainly refreshing to see you do something so unlike Rachel, so it must have been nice to get passed along a script like this. I was really surprised and really flattered because I'm not really known for that kind of material and that kind of work.

That was one of the things that made me think they're going to make a unique film if they would cast me in this role.“Un REAL” has also garnered a Peabody, an AFI honor, a Gotham Award, as well as multiple Emmy nominations.In March 2017, Appleby signed an overall deal with A E Studios, working closely with the team to create and produce original programming for the A E portfolio of networks, as well as outside buyers, under her Appletree Pictures banner.There was cohesive storytelling, and she was present. I think she did a really excellent job in the fact that we got a fourth season already. What you said about the new season, it sounds like it really improves upon what we got with season two. It's much stronger than it was in the second season.We go back into production in mid-October and we'll finish shooting most likely before the third season airs. Was there any hesitation about where the show was going to go after season two?She took on the role of director in seasons two, three and again in season four.

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    Programming feedback can be sent to: Jimmy Powers, CBS Sports Radio 1270 Program Director Market Manager: [email protected] questions: Rich Renko – General Sales Manager […]The wins for Peele's directorial debut gave the Spirits, a celebration of indie filmmaking, something unusual: a box-office behemoth.