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Just as in America, in the UK people liked circuses and traveling shows, in these days before TV and radio they would have been extremely popular and profitable.There would have been loads of them and they would have contained performers, freaks and exotic animals.

Only Four of these are worthy of investigating further because there is a possibility that these stories made their way into the newspapers or at least have been passed around and posted on the internet and can be found somewhere other than Bigfoot Blogosphere.

If it were a bigfoot, so adept at hiding, why would it make a nuisance of it’s self for a month and let a host of different people see it?

It is worth remembering that in 1858 we had an empire that spanned the globe, the biggest fleet in the world, and Britain’s ports were the busiest in the world.

Before I “go and see” in a more serious way, I am trying to work out where the best place to look is.

And so I will continue to study the existing data, study the maps and try to maximize my chances of spotting a booger. Previously I have looked Northwards to Suffolk and Norfolk, but the map doesn’t show us much activity.

South of me across the river in Kent there are a lot more reports, and more importantly they are claimed to go back decades.

The way I see it, there can only be two possibilities, either Sasquatch is in the UK and has always been here, in which case we can they have left their mark in the historical record, or this is a case of ‘me-too-ism’ in which case we will expect to see reports dating back to the explosion of podcasts and Youtube channels about Bigfoot which came out of America.

Wychling Woods Whistles ~ too recent Isle of Grain Sasquatch Sighting ~ undated 2nd hand account.

The Hairy man of Cooling ~ too recent Mrs B’s Bigfoot in Kent ~ 2nd hand account, recently reported.

since then the animal was reported in other parishes in the area, but we have not heard of its capture or any damage it has caused, except indirectly as many people trampled farmer greenhills fields in search of said creature.

A Mysterious Animal – On Saturday evening week a person in the employ of Mr. Greenhill, at Bucksford-farm, Great Chart, was startled by the sudden apparition of what appeared to him to be an extraordinary kind of animal, resembling a large baboon, in one of his employer’s wheat fields, but whose name and nature were utterly incomprehensible to him.

He, however, at last did so, and we may suppose reached his home with his hair standing on end, and related the tale of the awful ‘summat’ he had seen; but the shock was so great it has made him ill.

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