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The six friends were staying in Las Vegas to celebrate Stuart’s 30th birthday after saving up for a year for the trip.

She says researchers have found direct correlations between childhood trauma and later health problems.“We’re focusing the efforts in two ways: improving the care that we deliver to individuals who’ve experienced trauma themselves and most importantly, how do we start to prevent adverse childhood experiences? Jane Stevens says she thinks the implications of the ACE study go well beyond clinical applications.Educators have started to pick up on the research and begun to create so-called trauma-informed schools.One picture appeared to show Miss Barham stumbling from the burning wreckage and an eyewitness claimed to have heard her shouting Jason’s name.Mrs Milward and Mr Udall, who were taken to the University Medical Centre in Las Vegas in a critical condition, were on their honeymoon.“So for example, if you have four ACEs, your likelihood of being an alcoholic is seven times greater than if you have zero. Twice as likely to have heart disease and cancer.” Dana Hargunani, Child Health Director for the Oregon Health Authority says an estimated (pdf) 20 percent of Oregonians have four or more ACEs.

The state is using the research to inform health policy.

“Our top priority is the care and needs of our passengers and our staff.” But Reverend Hill told a national newspaper the only comfort was that the “incredibly close” brothers had been together when they died.

He added: “A light has truly gone out.” Older brother Jason was poised to become a partner at law firm Shoosmiths, where he had been working as a corporate senior associate in the Milton Keynes offices.

“What they do is they take a different approach to a kid acting out or a kid withdrawing.

Instead of saying, you know, dropping the hammer and saying, you know, ‘What’s wrong with you, you’re outa here.” Instead they say, ‘What happened to you, and how can we help you?

“I also love to travel the world and explore what is out there beyond good old Worthing “I love my job and I am hoping to one day fulfil my dream of becoming a veterinary nurse.” She spent a year in Australia working as an au-pair before returning home to Worthing.

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