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However, for some reason Cho mentions only the Pochonbo EE as a predecessor to Moranbong Band, while actually the Wangjesan LMB seems to have been more important.

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The woman in brown dress cannot be identified at all.According to him, the band was established personally by Kim Jong-un in March 2012, on one hand to mark the beginning of the new century, 2012 being the year 101 according to the Juche count, and on the other to ”make art a powerful means for the creation of a new pattern of life (芸術は新しい生活創造の力強い手段) (173).This of course has to be understood in the sense of socialist realism, where – in opposition to classical Marxism – the superstructure is supposed to have a decisive influence on the base.She was pregnant at the time, and apparently gave birth between this date and the first MB performance in 6 July 2012.She might already have been nominated as the leader of MB.We also have an article by the North Korean art researcher Cho Un-chol (趙雄鈇 チョウンチョル; original Korean name unknown) titled 「牡丹峰楽団は朝鮮スタイルのユニーク新しい軽音楽団」[The Moranbong Band is a Korean style but unique new light music band] (Ritsumeikan Journal of Korean Studies コリア研究、第5号、2014年、173−182)。The issue was published in 31 March 2014, but as the last concert that the author refers to took place in July 2013, we can conclude that summer 2013 is likely to be the time of its writing, well before the Jang Song-taek troubles.

This kind of publishing frequency is quite normal for paper journals.They have also experimented with an all-female assembly, playing electric guitars, organs and drums, such as this fine version of the song Women are Flowers (녀성은 꽃이라네 女性は花だね), with Kim Yong-ran playing the lead guitar superbly ( G-BR63o EI).Unfortutunately the year of the recording is unknown, but judging from the quality of the video it is not very old, perhaps from 2011 or 2012.Japanese translation is by Matsui Sei’ichiro (松井聖一郎).Cho deals mostly with Kim Jong-il’s art theories and descriptions of the band’s songs, but he also gives a few small pieces of new information.Also the lady in the red dress is not identifiable.